Hi, I’m Rachel

I didn't know a thing about growing food. But as I grew up, I began to feel more passionate about the world around me and craved to learn more about living a sustainable and healthy life.

After moving across Canada to a forest, I have spent the last 3 years experimenting with how to grow enough food to sustain my family.

I wondered, how much space do we need(?) Many more questions came with that one... so I made spreadsheets with formulas that provide personalized answers!

No one's answers are the same. Our goals are all different.

My courses can help you determine reasonable goals, and collectively; they guide you to learn how to grow all the crops you need.

Become Self Sufficient and Create an Actionable Plan

Self-sufficiency requires self-made knowledge. Simple & effective record-keeping methods are crucial to any serious food grower.

Remove the Guesswork and Track Your Progress

You need to know what outcome to expect from your efforts & have an easy way to learn without relying on memory alone.

Get Organized and Grow Your Ideal Garden

It does take time... which is why knowing what you need to do from the start is essential to mastering your ideal garden from today.

Rachelle is a knowledgeable and innovative lady that provides a valuable service. After participating, I have a solid plan on how to build a garden that will provide a year's worth of food for my family. I know that what I produce will be better for my family and give us security for years to come. This service is a "must do" for anyone wishing to take their food production to the next level!

- Jamie Miller

Oklahoma, USA

"I never thought it could feel possible to grow enough food to sustain myself. Rachel's course and spreadsheets helped me see what/when I needed to get done in order to have the amounts of food we like eating. Her approach gave my initial plans the clarity they needed and now execution actually feels doable!"

- Alexandra Fisher

Colorado, USA

Growing a year's worth of food for you or your family involves understanding what you need to do so you can produce the garden harvest that your plate demands... but you don't have to go into this feeling uncertain or overwhelmed.

In fact, you can save time on a decade of seasons of trial and error by making sense of it all right now.

Of course, there will still be trials and errors...

but the difference will be that your learning curves apply to the actions that you need to be focusing your time on to achieve food self-sufficiency!

Right now, all your floating garden questions need to be anchored and organized so you are ready to execute with ease.

All in one place!

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Starting a vegetable garden can feel


The large learning curve and uncertainty of

what to do and where to start is a barrier.

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